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Rustic Beauty in an Beach Condo / Home.

Using high, full-length wooden panels and flooring with warm oak tones, make family living area maintain a Simi-rustic flavor creating and the bedrooms are totally rustic and warm .

The serenity and warmth of a wood is not just for the woods it has an inner-city, coast line appeal also. There can be a mix and match of rustic, wood-panel design modern family area and rustic bedrooms that looks both stylish and modern.

Our mission is to create visual stunning beautiful home interiors with our re-designs. Your home or rental property ends up with inspiring visual cool homes, specific spaces, POSH Designed marvels.

Re-Designs and styles that are demonstrated here can be easily created for you. Visions by Ocean Posh shows how a rustic / wood architecture design can look both stylish and modern.